Where is your delivery area?
Culinary WAVE will deliver to wherever you need us within Colorado. We cater events for clients as far away as Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley and Colorado Springs. You will often see our delivery vans heading to the mountains, coming back from Castle Rock, or traveling close to DIA, although most of clients are in the Denver Metro Area.

Is staffing required to use you as our caterer?
Staffing is required on events with china, plated sitdown dinners, and parties with passed hors d’oeuvres. Larger events typically require staffing, too, but varies depending on menu, location, and number of guests.

Why might I need staff at my event and what do they do?
Culinary WAVE Catering Staff Members are a key component to a successful event. Our service staff will set up tables, chairs, linens, buffets, and food & beverage stations to prepare for your event. During the event, staff will keep buffets and drink stations replenished and clean, clear plates, refill drinks, empty trash cans, and assist you and your guests with anything they may need. Field Chefs are needed to cook on-site, put special finishing touches on your menu items, staff carving stations and live-action stations, plate up meals, and make sure the highest quality of food service is achieved. Captains or Event Managers are essential to weddings, special events, and large events. Captains will communicate with venue representatives to make sure venue rules are being followed. They are responsible for overseeing event staff and making sure timelines are followed. Captains are there to handle seamlessly any situation that may arise so you don’t have to worry. Our staff goes above and beyond to make your event memorable.

What types of service can you provide?
Culinary WAVE can provide all types of food service. We are happy to help you choose the best service type for your event.

Reception Service. Light foods are served displayed buffet-style on a table. Guests usually stand and serve themselves. Seating is usually not available for this type of event. Easy to eat bites are usually the best menu selections.

Butlered Hors d’Oeuvres Service. Food is put on trays in the kitchen and passed by servers. Guests help themselves, using cocktail napkins provided by the server. This is a typical style of service used for upscale receptions. Many of our hors d’oeuvre items can be served butler style

Buffet Service. Foods are beautifully and strategically arranged on tables. Guests typically serve themselves as they move down the buffet line. Buffets are usually double-sided for larger events to ensure shorter waiting times. Our service staff is available to assist guests back to their tables.

Action Stations. Chefs prepare and serve foods at the buffet (rather than in the kitchen). Foods that lend themselves well to action station service include wok stations, mashed potato bars, fajitas, pastas, grilled meats, omelets, crepes, sushi, flaming desserts. This is a great way to add a bit of entertainment to your event

Cafeteria Service. Setup is similar to a buffet. Guests stand in line, but do not help themselves. They are served by chefs and/or servers from behind the buffet line.

Plated Buffet Service. Selection of pre-plated foods, such as entrees, sandwich plates and salad plates, set on a buffet table. They may also be placed on a roll-in (i.e., rolling cart or table) and then moved into the function room at the designated time. Because of individual plates, trays are usually used. This is a particularly good idea for groups who want to continue “working” meals while they eat.

Plated (American) Service. Guests are seated at tables. Foods are pre-portioned in the kitchen, arranged on plates and served by servers from the left.

Family-style (English) Service. Guests are seated at tables. Large serving platters and bowls are filled with foods in the kitchen and set on the dining tables by servers. Guests help themselves from a lazy susan or they pass the foods to each other. Occasionally, a host would carve the meat.

Pre-set Service. Food that is already on the dining tables when guests are seated. Most common are bread and butter, but often the appetizer will be pre-set as well. For lunches with a limited time frame, occasionally salad and dessert will be pre-set. The main course is usually plated.

What is included with a delivery?
Our talented delivery team will set up your buffet and stations, accommodating any special setup requests you may have, in a quiet and professional manner. We will quickly work our magic to create your awesome presentation. Disposable plates, cups, napkins and utensils are included for the food and beverages we are providing. We always plan for a few extra just in case, but additional quantities can be purchased when placing your order. Salt & pepper, along with all other condiments needed, are included.

What is your standard presentation like?
Culinary WAVE Catering is known for beautiful presentation. We believe that awesome displays should be standard. Food/beverage stations and buffets are always set up with creativity, elevation, complimentary linens and greenery and the highest attention to detail. We even provide framed menus so your guests will know exactly what they are about to experience.

What are your hours of operation?
Our business hours vary depending on what events or meetings we have for the day. Someone is usually monitoring emails Monday-Friday from about 5am-6pm, and periodically checking emails on the weekend. If you need to contact someone immediately, you can always give us a call. Urgent messages will be returned as soon as they are received.

Can I taste your food before I sign a contract?
Yes! We want you to love your menu selections. Complimentary tastings are done by appointment at our kitchen location for up to 4 people for weddings or other special occasions, after initial menu planning. We are happy to accommodate additional guests for a fee. Our Event Coordinator will work with you to create menu options for your tasting appointment.

What payment methods do you accept?
All major credit cards, checks or cash are accepted.

Do I need to place a deposit to book my event?
We do require a 50% deposit for large corporate events and all social events at the time of booking.

When are payments due?
Corporate billing is available and is arranged at the time an order is placed. All other accounts are due on or before the date of service. Wedding clients are asked to make payment in full 48 hours before their reception.

Do you cater on holidays?
Culinary WAVE will provide catering services on most holidays. Since we are family owned and operated we typically will not cater on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day. We cater on Easter, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and New Year’s Eve. These days tend to fill up quickly, so make sure you get on our event calendar early!

What does it cost to have your staff cut our cake?
Nothing. Our staff is well versed in cake cutting skills. Even if your cake is provided by another vendor, we are happy to cut your cake at no additional cost.

Do you have a corkage fee?
No. We are happy to open all bottles as a standard service.

Do you have a minimum on your delivery orders?
We have minimum of 10 guests on all orders unless otherwise specified on the menu. A minimum of 20 guests is required on hors d’ oeuvre orders unless otherwise specified. We will fill smaller orders for regular clients, but it is determined on a case-by-case basis.

How much notice do you need to set up an event?
We would love to have a 48 hour notice. We realize that sometimes last minute needs arise. We will do our best to accommodate your last minute order.

I have a very strict budget. Can you still work with me?
Let us know what your budget is and what you are looking for. We will do our best to help create solutions for your budget needs.

What is your alcohol policy?
As caterers, by law, we are not allowed to sell alcohol. We can serve alcohol that you bring in, set up a bar and provide a bartender for open bars. We are unable to bartend for cash bars. We are happy to arrange for alcohol to be delivered to your event through one of our vendors, but you must pay the vendor directly.

Do you have a service charge?

An admin fee is added to most orders. The admin fee helps absorb admin costs such as office time spent on your event, site visits, tastings, paper, general overhead, and additional labor in prepping for your event.

When do you have to have the final guest count for my event?
48 hours before your event.

How does gratuity work?
Any gratuity bestowed is not for Culinary WAVE Catering, but rather for the delivery person or service staff directly – the company takes no part of it; it helps staff to supplement their wages and is a gesture of appreciation for their service. It is completely at your discretion – we suggest a 15% Gratuity on your invoice. You may pay all of it, some of it, none of it, or more – it’s entirely up to you, as stated on the invoice (rather like the gratuity one pays in a restaurant or to a delivery person from the Chinese or Pizza place). Some of our customers pay the 15%, some pay 18-20%, and some pay none. Whatever you decide, it is passed directly on to your server. Rest assured, the quality of service remains the same regardless.


Ordering, delivery, pricing and cancellation policies:

  • Please give us a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to help us maintain our quality and standards. Orders placed after 12pm for the following day are subject to an additional 10% Service Fee
  • 48 hours is required to cancel a food order without charge.
  •           A guaranteed minimum guest count is required 48 hours prior to an event.  Guest count reductions will not be accepted within 48 hours prior to the event.

  • We will deliver within 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the time on your order.
  • Orders include high quality disposable plates, napkins & utensils. Compostable disposables are available upon request at no additional charge. Upgraded disposables available for an additional charge.
  • China & glassware available for rent for an additional charge; staff is required.
  • Prices are per person unless otherwise specified and are subject to change due to availability.
  • Some menu items may be subject to substitution due to availability.
  • The appropriate sales tax will be added to the total order.
  • A 10-person minimum order is requested for delivery service, however, we will fulfill smaller orders for our regular clients.
  • Buffet pickups are arranged at time of order; all equipment must be returned to original setup location prior to the scheduled pickup time.  An extra $30 fee will apply if a second trip is required to pick up equipment that has been moved or is not available at scheduled time.
  • Terms are due upon receipt.
  • Gratuities are at the client’s discretion.
  • Boxed Lunch Deliveries are $35.  Buffet Deliveries are $40.
  • Equipment Pick-ups scheduled after 5pm is $30, No Charge During Normal Business hours
  • $300 Minimum Order Required for Sunday Events
  • Twilight orders between 8pm and 4am are available for a minimum order of $300 and a 20% Service Fee