Wedding Cakes & Custom Cakes

Let CW Bakery help put your signature on your custom cake.  Our team will work with you to create your perfect cake.  All of our custom cakes are one-of-a kind and designed specifically for you. From flavors to colors, flowers and designs, we will make your sugar vision come to life. 

Pricing is determined by a number of criteria.  Labor involved, complexity of detail, flavor, size and decorations all play a part in how much your cake will cost. Cakes are priced per person.

It’s important to book your cake early.  Most cakes require extensive planning.  If at all possible and for maximum results, please try to book your cake 3 months prior to your delivery date. To ensure quality of presentation and attention to detail, we only book a certain number of cakes per week.  Call to find out if we are available to create your masterpiece, as we will work in last-minute orders if we are able.



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